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Hard Drive and Raid Data Recovery


The Snap Server Network Attached Storage Appliance has been designed for one purpose only: network file sharing. For example, the Snap Server is not an application server and it does not perform network directory services. But if you already have an NT or NetWare server, a Snap Server is your best alternative for supplying additional network storage.
The Snap Server delivers full multi-platform file sharing from the moment you turn it on in mixed environments including: Windows NT, NetWare, UNIX, Linux & Macintosh.

It also provides network security integration with NT domain and NetWare bindery. Snap Servers are one form of Network Attached Storage devices.

WE at The RAID Data Recovery Services have successfully recovered data from crashed Snap servers. Data can be lost in snap servers due to hard drive failure and we have the knowledge and expertise to get your data back.

Data Recovery Snap