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Hard Drive and Raid Data Recovery


This is the simplest RAID Level, the fastest and most storage efficient configuration of a group of disks, but it has no fault tolerance. Files are broken into stripes of a size dictated by the user-defined stripe size of the array, and stripes are sent to each disk in the array if one drive fails the whole array fails. As there is no parity, it offers the best storage efficiency. The striping allows read/write operations to occur simultaneously on each disk for speed. This is most popular RAID Level for performance seekers.

If you are having problem with RAID O, the chances are that one of the drives used in the Array have physical problem. At this point, we suggest to shut the server down and get the professional help. Trying to recover data that this point may do more harm to the problematic drive and may lesson the chances of data recovery.

Raid 0 Data Recovery