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Hard Drive and Raid Data Recovery
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RAID data recovery services

When recovering data from RAID arrays, the first step is to analyze each drive for physical damage. If there is physical damage to any of drives in the Raid array, we fix the physical problem with the drives. After checking the physical integrity of each drive, we transfer the complete drive volumes to our Raid data recovery servers and then process the total array as image files, to ensure that all of your data is safe. Once we have completely transferred sector by sector information to our data recovery servers, we evaluate the array images to determine if corruption has occurred, and work on repairing it.

Our proprietary software extracts data from the image files, or if a drive image is difficult to create, we simply reconstruct the data in the same way that a RAID rebuild process is performed. During all stages, we closely monitor the array configuration and array file system to determine why exactly the array failed. This information may be critical to future RAID systems your company may set up. Our Lab technicians can properly diagnose a RAID system between 6 - 24 hrs, depending upon how many drives contained in the RAID Array. This evaluation is free of charge.

We have expertise for data recovery process for all RAID systems using any operating systems e.g. WIN X, MAC, NOVELL, UNIX, LINUX and Sun Solaris. WE have extensive experience with RAID data recovery, on both spanned and striped systems. In most cases, we require only the drives or storage devices and the controller card to recover the data, and because of the high importance of most RAID systems, we consider them a top priority - which means much quicker recovery and return of your data.

Raid Data Recovery Services