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Due to the complexity of the nature of the Raid data recovery process, exact price quote over the telephone is not possible. We can only provide with the range of pricing. For exact quote/pricing, we have to physically analyze the crashed Raid Server in our lab. Only then, we will be able to provide you with the exact price quote for the successful recovery of the data. The evaluation process takes between 6-24 hours and this initial evaluation is free of charge.

At The Raid Data Recovery Services lab, evaluation process for data recovery is simple. Once your Raid is received, our highly skilled and experienced technical staff will analyze the Raid Server.

Depending on the type of the Raid Server, model, circumstances in which the server crashed, operating system and particular configuration, we will evaluate the time required to successfully recover the data from a particular Raid Server. After the complete analysis, the exact price quote will be sent to you. You will know in advance, how much data recovery from your Raid Server will exactly cost. There are no hidden charges, no exaggerated costs for parts, labor or clean room. Only upon receiving your authorization, We will proceed with the process of recovering your data from your server. In most cases the recovery time is between 1-5 business days, depending upon the complexity of file system, required physical repairs, size of data to be recovered and the type of Raid Server. Recovery time for some Raid Servers may be slightly longer.

Raid Recovery